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​          General Wellness
Used as a checkpoint of health and well-being of your pet; a yearly physical and update of vaccinations keeps them immunologically healthy. The exam focuses on, but is not limited to, evaluating: overall appearance, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, respiratory and nervous systems, skin, eyes, ears, teeth, coat. 
Dental Cleaning
Routine dental cleaning is important to overall health and maintenance for your pet. This is determined within the yearly wellness checkup or during a scheduled appointment. Dental cleanings are normally performed on a six-month to one year basis, depending on the condition of your animals teeth.
Ear Cropping
Dr. Wagner is one of a select few doctors in the area that specializes in ear cropping. This surgery is performed after a consultation with Dr. Wagner to determine the age and breed of your pet. Ear crops are performed at the discretion of the doctor keeping the pets well-being in mind.
McCutchanville Animal Hospital uses Abaxis technology in-house for routine blood work including: CBC, chemistry, thyroid, and heartworm antigen testing to provide rapid, responsive feedback to our clients. Along with our in-house equipment we are able to use Antech Diagnostics for extensive research items such as histopathology, parasitology, bacteriology, and many others to provide a full spectrum analysis of your pet.
McCutchanville Animal Hospital is a full service clinic providing general surgery procedures to our clients. Following a consultation with Dr. Wagner, we can provide a safe, sterile environment to perform a variety of surgical procedures including, but not limited to: spaying, neutering, growth removals, and bladder stone removals. If the procedure is outside the scope of our clinic's ability, Dr. Wagner can refer you and your pet to a specialist in the area.
Radiology is one of the most common means of diagnosis of musculoskeletal pathology, as well as, chest, abdomen and head. Automatic film processing allows evaluation within a short time-frame. Evaluations can be mailed or released to the client for further consultation with veterinary specialists on an as-needed basis.